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BMA breast prostheses

BMA breast prostheses is specialized in the manufacture and sale of high quality

  • Silicone breasts,
  • Silicone prostheses,
  • Nipples and
  • Lingerie or lingerie with integrated silicone products

Discreet and serious

BMA is as a discrete and serious manufacturer and supplier of silicone articles for

  • Transgender,
  • Transsexual,
  • Crossdresser,
  • Drag queens

but also for those interested in DWT and travesty.

High quality products

The branded articles from our company stand for high quality products with a high and natural wearing comfort.

In-house manufacturing

Due to the in-house production of silicone breasts and silicone nipples, we can meet different wishes and requirements in the various areas such as DWT, drag queens, travesty and transgender people.

High-quality materials

We only use high-quality materials for our prostheses and thus guarantee skin-friendly and comfortable wearing.

Logo Made in Germany

Modell breast prostheses

Product selection

Silikon-Prothesen / Silikonbrüste

Silicone prostheses / silicone breasts

Brustprothesen BH / offener BH

Breast prosthesis bra / open bra

Natürliche Silikon Brustwarzen

Natural silicone nipples

Thats what our customers say

Blogger A.

I feel like a Barbie – I ordered the “open bra” in two sizes for myself, in cup B and cup D. It just looks and feels incredibly sexy. My eyes are constantly directed downwards with fascination. The weight lets me constantly feel what I’m wearing and it looks big, round and crisp.

Blogger A.

Blogger M.

Easy handling – optimal effect – The asymmetrical silicone breasts with indicated nipples are made of first-class, high-quality material, which makes them feel real and look feminine. These can be worn directly on the skin. Separately available nipples complete the picture and can be selected according to personal taste.

Blogger M.

Zoey Rachel Pride

Hello my dear darlings! I am really excited! I’m a drag queen and I would never have real breasts done. Because I am a man and I will stay. But I still want a section. I used to help with duct tape. But: it hurts, it doesn’t hold up as it should. The transwonder with prostheses conjures up a deceptively realistic section.

Zoey Rachel Pride

Keep in touch…

Do you have any questions?

If you want a custom-made product or if you want to pick up your order directly, you are welcome to make an appointment with us.
Depending on the issue, we will find a joint appointment in our house, where the appropriate employee will of course be on site. The colleague will be at your side for your questions and requests.

Contact details

Aumaische Str. 47
07937 Zeulenroda

Telefon: 036628/ 954431
Fax: 036628/ 954379